Safe Use And Maintenance Of Laboratory Electrical Equipment

- Oct 29, 2018 -

1. The circuit insulation of the electrical equipment used in the laboratory must be in accordance      with the regulations and intact, and the wiring is neat and tidy.

2. The electrical equipment of the laboratory must be equipped with fusible insurance or automatic      switching equipment.

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3. The metal casing of electrical equipment, if it is charged due to insulation damage, must be protected by grounding or zeroing.

4. The installation of electrical equipment and lines must comply with the specified requirements. The equipment opening and power distribution equipment should be responsible for personnel and regular maintenance.

5. When electric furnaces and electric heaters must be used during the experiment, the electric furnace and electric heater should be placed in a fixed position, and a special person should be responsible for storage.

6. It is forbidden to use flammable and explosive products such as oven oven. In the same oven, it is forbidden to dry several items of different nature at the same time.

7. Workplaces that generate large amounts of steam, gas, and dust should use sealed electrical equipment. For flammable and explosive places, use explosion-proof electrical equipment.

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