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Some of the content and development of the company

1. Lab furniture, lab bench, lab table

2. Fume hood, fume cupboard, ductless fume hood

3. Class II biosafety cabinet

4. Laminar flow cabinet

5. Lab fixtures, lab water faucet, lab sink, lab gas valve

6. Lab emergency eye wash and shower, eye wash

7. Countertops, epoxy tops, phenolic tops,ceramic tops

8. GMP workshop planing and decoration

9. Pass box and air shower

10. Lab engineering system:

      lab overall design & planing,

      lab renovation,

      lab ventilation & control system,

      lab clean zone system,

      lab purification & environmental system,

      lab purity gas & water piping system,

      lab sterilized & GMP system.

      lab analysis & testing instrument.

      lab medical diagnostic devices.

11.Hospital furniture


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