Cleanroom Decoration Tips

- Nov 15, 2018 -

Laboratory clean decoration design is mainly through artificial means, using clean technology to achieve control of indoor air dust, bacteria concentration, temperature and humidity and pressure, in order to achieve the required cleanliness, temperature and humidity and air flow rate and other environmental parameters. Air cleanliness refers to the degree of dust in the clean air environment, and the level of air cleanliness is divided by the dust concentration. Cleanliness refers to the total particles of dust particles with a particle size of ≥ 0.5 um per liter of air. China's air cleanliness standards are divided into: 100, 1000, 10,000, and 100,000. International standards are divided into: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5.

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The experimental clean room generally implements two-level isolation. The first-level isolation is realized by biological safety cabinet, negative pressure isolator, positive pressure protective clothing, gloves, eye mask, etc.; the second-level isolation is realized by laboratory construction, air conditioning purification and electrical control system. . However, due to the small air volume required for purifying the air conditioner, the air volume is estimated according to the large estimate. Generally, it must exceed the specification. The material is more than 100 grades. The hot and cold load may be estimated when the requirements are not very strict. The unit can be used directly. Level 2 to Level 4 biosafety laboratories should implement two levels of isolation. General laboratory equipment includes: ultra-clean workbench, biosafety cabinet, sideboard or stainless steel console, washing station, etc.

Taking PCR laboratory as an example (PCR or polymerase chain reaction) is a routine method for molecular biology research and experiment, and it is also an experimental technique widely used in biology and medical clinical fields. It is characterized by a large increase in trace amounts of DNA. The laboratory is usually divided into four areas, namely: reagent storage and preparation area, sample preparation area, amplification reaction mixture preparation and amplification area, and amplification product analysis area (if used). Fully automatic analyzer, the area can be combined appropriately). Access to each area must be carried out in exactly the same direction, with different work areas using different work clothes (eg different colours). Work clothes should not be taken out when the staff member leaves.

Laboratory clean decoration, reagent storage and preparation room (specimen preparation area), the instrument is mainly equipped with: refrigerated centrifuge, biological safety cabinet, refrigerator, movable UV lamp, fully automatic nucleic acid protein purification instrument, special overalls and work shoes, etc. . The amplification reaction mixture preparation and amplification zone are configured with a refrigerator, a high-speed centrifuge, a clean bench, a PCR instrument (requiring a negative pressure state), a movable ultraviolet lamp, a micro-sampler, a nucleic acid amplification instrument, and the like. The amplification product analysis area is mainly equipped with: pipette, oscillator, ultra-clean workbench, capillary electrophoresis apparatus, refrigerator, centrifuge, micro-sampler, movable UV lamp, and the like.

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